• lust - Since I've had a baby not long ago, I think it is quite obvious how this one manifested itself...
  • gluttony - Give me some cheese and I will show you.
  • greed - This one manifests itself in hidden ways... I have trouble resisting having something I want. But I don't want that many things.
  • sloth - Sometimes I just want to lie there and forget about all the things I have to do. Sometimes I lie there hoping someone will do the things I have to do for me.
  • wrath - This one manifests itself the most of all seven sins... I just can't control myself. Just the other day, I was on my way back from Paris, and about to get on the Eurostar when a woman stepped on Mila's pram. I told her to be careful, she brushed me off. It drove me nuts and I insulted her all the way down the escalator as she kept staring at me and I was ready to jump to her throat. Me and wrath, we go waaaay back. Call me hysterical and see if I care.
  • envy - Being broke and all that makes me quite envious and prone to drooling on anything I can't afford. Being too fat for my own good makes me envious of myself 2 years ago. Apart from that, everything's peachy.
  • pride - I got lots of that. I met pride when I met wrath, we're like this.
jan 13 2008 ∞
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