• evie/amber
  • i'm trying out the name saturn too, so feel free to call me that sometimes
  • 25 years old / june 4 / gemini/cancer (sagittarius moon)
  • genderfluid/agender | / they/them pronouns (she/her okay sometimes, ask)
  • panromantic asexual
  • infj | slytherpuff
  • ohio, usa
  • in a relationship - 9.17.11
  • white
  • autistic
  • chronically ill/physically disabled
  • mentally ill
jan 3 2017 ∞
mar 11 2019 +

my kin list is located in the ongoing tab!

click the x's beside names for memory pages. if there's no x, it means i don't have memories or i don't have memories that are different from canon.

  • i don't care about doubles, so no worries! can be a little iffy for my biggest id, but i'm trying to get over it.
  • i don't actively search for canonmates/sourcemates for various reasons, but you can talk to me if you want!
  • some of my kins are shitty people, so heads up.
  • my kins are spiritual.
  • i have a lot of kins. like a lot. don't yell at me about it.

my system list is also in the ongoing tab.

jul 15 2017 ∞
jul 10 2018 +

i get uncomfortable by various things, so if i notice any of these pertain to you, i'll either hard block, softblock, or not follow back depending on the thing making me uncomfortable. i'm not gonna say don't follow or ask before following, because most people just ignore that.

  • you're homophobic/biphobic/aphobic/panphobic/etc, transphobic, fatphobic, sexist, racist, a map/pedophile, a terf/swerf/twerf, ableist, use a lot of slurs, use triggered as a joke, are republican, truscum/transmed, or trump supporter
  • you're into ddlg or your blog is heavily nsfw
  • you bully vegans for just existing
  • you're a bully or are involved in drama all the time
  • you think animal abuse, child abuse, spanking, or hating kids is okay
  • your name is dj or alecia
jan 3 2017 ∞
mar 15 2019 +

i'm into a ton of series and things, but these are my favorites/special interests/hyperfixations right now. most fade in an out and rapidly cycle. and just because something goes off this list doesn't mean it won't come back or that I don't like it anymore.

main unmoving interest (has been my interest my whole life. may take the back burner to current interests, but never goes away.):

  • pokemon (especially the games)

secondary main special interests (has been my interest for many years, can take the back burner and fade, but is always there):

  • missing persons cases/unsolved murders (also solved murders, but not as much)
  • space
  • psychology
feb 1 2017 ∞
feb 10 2019 +

so technically, all of my triggers would make this list way too long. so i'm just going to list the most important things.

  • cat death (all animal death), cat hate, dog people ragging on cats, injured cats
  • the names dj and alecia
  • mentions of abusive/alcoholic fathers and fathers day
  • the devil's numbers
  • telling people to shower, including posts that say they're positivity/recovery/self care posts.
  • talks of pokemon ending
  • pictures of pregnant people
  • pictures of irl self harm/razor blades
  • pro-hunting/fishing
  • the r slur/the f slur
  • the animaniacs
  • sudden loud noises, kissing noises, clicking pens, gum chewing/popping
  • any videos or audio posts with the nation...
jan 3 2017 ∞
sep 18 2018 +

i am on other social media, but basically i just keep stuff here that i'm currently active on. so this list may change from time to time based on what social media's and stuff i'm most active on.

  • main tumblr | all tumblr's
  • pokefarm
  • twitter
  • myanimelist / anilist
  • instagram: @yukiyunas - for mobile | computer link
  • snapchat: friends/mutuals ask
  • discord: Evie#0713
  • facebook: friends/mutuals ask
  • animal crossing pocket camp: 6131 8518 364
  • psn: youregonnaloseit
  • switch fc: SW-2022-7919-1027
  • 3ds fc: i'll add this eventually
  • steam: kanamemadokas
  • vent: @madokakanames
feb 1 2017 ∞
feb 10 2019 +