i. cute nicknames ☾

  • honey: knows how to comfort you, cries during sad movies, always a little sleepy, easily distracted by dogs, admires pretty things, loves the moon

ii. space ☾

  • black hole: 97% of their wardrobe is hoodies, professional procrastinator, can write, probably owns essential oils, eats ramen at 1:00 am, only writes in pen, actually really cool but doesn’t know it

iii. hours of the day ☾

  • 5pm: gold sunlight, peach ice tea, whispered secrets, swimming in the lake, roses on the wall, french pastries, learning foreign words, soft voices, bike rides and summer picnics, wax stamped envelopes

iv. weather ☾

  • sunshine: optimistic, smiles often, quite likes succulents, charming, nearly impossible to be mad at, good with children, has a hard time being cheerful constantly but feels expected to do so, good at keeping secrets (their own & others’)

v. seasons ☾

  • summer: everything they do is so luminous and breathtaking, you can’t look away. they make you feel sun-kissed. windows open in the warm evening. feeling nostalgia as you are living in the moment. old french songs on the radio. conversations with them makes you fall in love with the world. scrunchies round their wrist, smiles during kisses, and a signature perfume. magic tumbles from their lips. nothing makes them happier than seeing others happy too. they make you crave sunlight, and ignites a desire to become a better person

vi. moon phases ☾

  • waxing gibbous moon: anticipation for tomorrow, earphones in to relax, wild imagination, midnight storms, restlessness, talking on the phone in bed, checking the fridge at 1am

vii. colors of sunsets ☾

  • gold: likes meet-ups with friends over solitude, tries to take every opportunity, outspoken, tall, can be passive-aggressive, great huggers, likes food, films and aesthetics, good at planning ahead, can get depressed when left alone, heart of gold

viii. tea ☾

  • bubble tea: loves to sing, always smiling, a child at heart, extrovert, falls in love easily, wants so many pets, falls asleep so quick, has a lot of film recommendations

ix. colors ☾

  • yellow: wide smiles, stretching outside of the sunroof in a car, laying in the grass and looking up at the sky, interpreting dreams, skipping down the street

x. times of day ☾

  • morning: sunshine child, brightest smiles, the best hugger, basking in the warm sunlight, tying your hair up or getting it out of your face, comfy sneakers and sweats, lounging around, artsy, plant parent

xi. elements ☾

  • fire: very passionate, long hugs, always warm, loves easily, looking for their purpose, never seems to get tired, not afraid to do what’s best for them, doesn’t know their limits, slightly selfdestructive
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