i. cute nicknames ☾

  • cutie: gets excited about the stars, uses a lot of emojis when texting, easily anxious, hugs you when they see you, loves cakes, wants to be a flower

ii. space ☾

  • spacedust: bath bombs, a+ insta feed, long flowy skirts and tops, city person, pretends to have their shit together, secretly loves kermit memes, probably dyed their hair at one point

iii. hours of the day ☾

  • 10am: soft blankets, lover of routine, acoustic songs, good grades, bullet journals, pastels and plants, sweet coffee, freshly baked bread, cat washi tape, cozy apartment, long winter coats over turtle neck jumpers, tote bags

iv. weather ☾

  • snow: peaceful, bright eyes, gives good advice, quiet voice, gentle touch, mediator, just as content on their own as they are with others, finds beauty in everything, prefers to wear soft clothing

v. seasons ☾

  • spring: they make you feel the way your favourite color palette feels. their eyes remind you of honey. fuzzy lambs and soft animals make them more excited than anything. kisses as soft as dandelions and cheeks that turn pink at the slightest acts of affection. their hair carries flowers and vanilla in the wind. peach daydreams and pretty words that they are too shy to send. telling them your thoughts feels like confiding in the moon. they make you feel the sweetest kind of comfort

vi. moon phases ☾

  • full moon: deep sleep, dreams that seem real, silk pillows, ice cream in bed, fresh sheets, bubble baths, a night in for yourself, the smell of lavender

vii. colors of sunsets ☾

  • sapphire: wants to dye their hair, probably keeps a bullet journal, top of the class, likes makeup, tends to ignore feelings until they burst, wants to learn everything, expert procrastinators, hard on themselves but patient with other people, good writers

viii. tea ☾

  • lemon iced tea: shy in real life, loves to write, cat person, great sense of humour, style changes every day, always has earphones in, day dreamer, cold on the outside but warm on the inside

ix. colors ☾

  • lavender: cuddling in fresh sheets, lazy days at home, too large clothes, giggling with friends over nothing, natural light streaming from windows

x. times of day ☾

  • dawn: not wanting to leave the warmness of the bed, loves to snuggle, furry friend lover, pretty journals, the briskness of the air outside, dreamy eyes and cloudy heads, rocks the messy hair look, soft colors

xi. elements ☾

  • air: flowers in their hair, graceful and very gentle, blushes easily, still handwrites letters, not afraid to tell people they love them, knows more than they let on, very forgiving, always tries to make everyone smile
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