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the light in your eyes an angel up high,
fighting to ease the shadow side.
hearts will grow though having to bend,
leaving behind all things in the end.

dallas educational (dallas gaming)
to do (at some point in the near future)
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  • metal gear solid V the phantom pain
  • DmC: devil may cry
  • persona 3 portable
  • katrielle layton game
  • higurashi no naku kisetsu ni
  • your turn to die
  • witch's heart
  • the legend of zelda: majora's mask
  • shin megami tensei 3: nocturne
  • higanbana yo saku yoru ni
  • rose guns days
  • fantasy prison kaleidoscope
  • loopers
  • okamikakushi
  • umineko no naku koro ni
  • the house in fata morgana
  • touhou


  • mlp:fim seasons 6-end
  • neon genesis evangelion
  • another
  • okamikakushi
  • shiki
  • denpateki na kanojo
  • pan de peace!
  • balala xiaomoxian: menghuan xuanlu
  • serial experiments lain
  • madoka magica
  • fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood
  • fullmetal alchemist
  • elfen lied: just how did the young girl arrive at those feelings?
  • magic user's club
  • kieta hatsukoi
  • saint tail
  • nana
  • snow white with the red hair
  • yume-iro pâtissière
  • noragami
  • lucky star
  • strike witches


  • the savior’s book cafe story in another world
  • sakurahime kaden
  • hello, i am a witch, and my crush wants me to make a love potion!
  • i swear i won't bother you again!
  • the true lives of the fabulous killjoys: national anthem
  • gene bride
  • sugar apple fairy tale
  • prince freya
  • colette decides to die
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