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Garrett || He/him pronouns || Homosexual || IRL MAKOTO NAEGI

m a k o t o follows:
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  • Henlo i'm Garrett/Naegi
  • I have a beautiful dog named Finn who i'll send pics of if you're sad
  • I am professionally diagnosed with generalized and social anxiety!
  • My pronouns are he/him and I am homosexual!!
    • My sexuality may change to being pan when i'm in a knife shift!
  • I'm 14 years old, so technically a minor!
  • I will not reveal my face or voice unless we're very very close, that gives me really bad anxiety!
  • I love pasta mm mmm
    • BUGS (except bees, ants, and butterflies)
    • Abuse, Rape
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oct 20 2017 +
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You can send me one of the following...

  • A picture of one of my cc's!
  • Your current shift!
  • A flower emoji (Any kind)
  • A gay flag emoji
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