Age- 18

Zodiac sign- cancer

Gender- Female she/her

Fave pokemon- Slackoth / Slowking

Fave color- Blue or Red [Pastels and Neons]

Fave subject- History

Social Meida-

Twitter @Sweetlittlek Youtube- Merci [ask for link] Twitch- Tediibearz\ Snapchat- Mangobooti

What i'm like:

Positive; I'm pretty chill and down to earth honestly looking for friends and people to chat to. I'm the gal to go to if you need someone to speak to vent/rant to. I'm a loyal companion,friend, and staff member you could trust me with anything tbh, tell me the tea and the tea will be sipped but never spilled. I have a pretty dark sense of humor and enjoy memes [a lot] send me memes and i'll be your best friend for life.

Negative; We've all got a little something negative about each other so i'll explain mine. I have a fear of not being good enough so I might try and verify with you MULTIPLE times, it may get annoying but I assure you I try not to although most of the time it just comes up. I'm hella emotional and tend to close myself out if I feel upset so if I go from messaging you straight away to messaging every so often just know you've done nothing to me i'm prob just having a melt down lmao.

Job/school; I'm homeschooled so I work as much as i can while doing my school, I usually work early mornings 4am-12pm 5am-1pm 6am-2pm. I mostly work weekends Friday/Sat/Sun then work a random weekday usually Wed or Thur.

Other; I enjoy writing it may be in role-plays I create and what not but it's still fun to envision a world and create a character.

In game;

League Of Legends; I play flex but I prefer to play Mid lane / ADC / Support My main champions being Mid- Talon/Ahri ADC- Kai'sa/Miss fortune Support- Pyke/Lux

I'm un-ranked looking to become ranked in season 9 . My summoner name is Ă–chaco.


I play Flex and can play any role with no problem. I have multiple accounts. My main being silver/gold My second account being high plat/diamond and my third being unranked going into ranked aiming for high diamond masters.

I enjoy playing a lot of Zarya and RienHardt.

I play a small amount of fortnite mainly with my friends i'm not great at it but i try.

dec 7 2018 ∞
dec 7 2018 +