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hi im kameron & im guang-hong ji's #1 fan

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  • kameron
  • 15 (my birthday is april 19th)
  • cis, she/her pronouns
  • white
  • panromantic asexual
  • im dating bell @dancerhanayo
  • i live in houston aka hell
  • i have adhd, anxiety, & possibly bpd
  • it'd be cool if you would like my tweets when you see them but you don't have to
  • im totally fine if you're over 18 & you follow me just as long as you're not like. creepy about it??
  • i never shut up about my current favorite characters, im sorry.
  • im homeschooled so im online most of the day, even when i should be doing schoolwork lmao
  • im really shy & it takes me a while to open up to people but once i get to know you im a living shitpost
sep 10 2016 ∞
feb 1 2017 +