• Study for an econ make-up test
  • Study for my chem final, because I need a 94% to get an A in the class
  • Study for my spanish final
  • Study for my econ final
  • Exercise, because I really don't do enough of that
  • Sleep, because I can always use more of that
  • Watch the movies I rented, because I won't have time before Wednesday in my end-of-school frenzy
  • Re-dye my hair, because I want to make sure it is a pleasant color, somewhere between bright purple and bright pink for my senior pictures
  • Do SOMETHING with my hair, as I am going to a grad party and a senior recital today
  • Find a job. This should be higher up on this list.
  • Sort through my list of mobile alerts from Twitter, and eliminate the ones I don't need.
  • Call to get a doctor's appointment, but they aren't open.
  • Call to get a dentist appointment, but they aren't open.
  • Brainstorm fundraising ideas for our $850 music department trip next spring (cruise to the Bahamas!). Do I sense another list coming?
jun 7 2009 ∞
jun 14 2009 +