i'm too lazy to write but :))

  • soulmates, always meeting each other and falling in love in every reincarnation
  • star-crossed lovers
  • college students. the most important one.
  • flourist and tattoo artist
  • roomates
  • doctor and companion
  • nurse and soldier at wwii
  • best friends in high school until I moved away for college and you stayed home, now I’m just coming back
  • art school: "you’re a sculptor and I’m a painter, our creative views always clash and we get into fights easily. one time I snap and accidentally flick paint in your face"
  • neighboors always meeting in the elevator
  • pirate and mermaid
  • im the ghost of your new apartment. ill just be floating around, randomly turning the shower on and switching on the tv so you can leave but you never do
  • harry potter au: hogwarts student and beauxbatons student met in the triwizard tournment
  • grease au!!!
  • undercover spies in the cold war
  • roadtrip: it starts raining and the motel has only one room availiable
jul 5 2016 ∞
nov 20 2016 +