• i want a love thats crazy yeahhh i wanna fight i wanna rock and roll and party all night (the cab)
  • the mirror can lie it doesn't show whats inside and it can tell you a full of lies (demi lovato)
  • i cant set my hopes to high cause every hello ends with a goodbye (demi lovato)
  • live like you are at the bottom even if you are at the top (kevin jonas sir)
  • without you theres nothing left of me (joe jonas)
  • take all your big plans and break them (john mayer)
  • my thought are stars i cant fathom into constalattions (augustus waters - tfios)
  • my leven of awkward makes everyone else feel normal (taylor swift)
  • i belong wherever i want to be (the host)
  • in dreams we enter a world thats entirely our own (albus dumbledore)
  • never let the fear of failure prevent you throw (cinderella)
  • funny how your touch used to burn me up now i'm not feeling anything at all (karmin)
  • i dont wanna go (the doctor)
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