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  • I can stay up late at night because I can sleep the next day away
  • my pizza crust is slightly burned
  • the stoplights turn green just when I'm approaching
  • a good friend calls to chat out of the blue
  • my dad calls me "darling"
  • people remember even the most random things I say; it shows they're really listening
  • my hugs are reciprocated
  • I'm so busy I kind of lose myself
  • I'm so un-busy I just curl up in a blanket and read a good book
  • I lay my head on my pillow and the next thing I know, it's morning already
  • my friends give me reality checks
  • I meet a person I instantly have a connection with
  • I see kindness given unconditionally
  • a little child smiles at me
  • I can dance with people who won't make fun of me but would actually dance with me
  • the wind is so strong that my hair gets blown all over the place
  • I'm looking forward to something so eagerly it causes me sleepless nights
  • when I can talk about my faith with people who understand
  • I can spend enough time with a person to truly get to know them
  • baristas spell my name right
  • I have time to experiment in the kitchen and my family PRETENDS to like my cooking
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