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Okay back inside my 156 bus
Kinda feel like thinking back
Time passes by so fast, remember the time
When we tossed our lives just like wishing coins
Boy didn’t know a lot, I think I’m still the same
I’m still searching for my galaxy



  • racist, homophobic, transphobic, invalidates he/they lesbians, you support any form of right-wing ideology (e.g. fascist supporter)
  • you're just an asshole in general
  • you speak over marginalized groups
  • youre under 16 (current moots r ok!)
  • you anti seventeen or mark
feb 17 2021 ∞
apr 9 2021 +
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  • i have mark solo stan tendencies so follow at ur own risk
  • i join arguments sometimes but disclaimer that IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS. it is OKAY to just scroll and have a laugh sometimes
  • uni student + i do internships+orgs so i might go ia suddenly
  • i wont follow back if u dont tweet abt my interests
  • if u say something bad abt any svt member or mark, im reporting and blocking you!
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Hello, I'm jiro , i use she/ they pronouns

๑ southeast asian

๑ october 04 — 19 yo — libra sun if that matters

๑ studying development studies and double minoring in sociology and economics

๑ my beliefs mostly align with communism ☭ but for now i guess, i'm a democratic socialist! (if you wanna know more abt theory or NDMOs, feel free to dm me!)

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feb 19 2021 +
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  • ↝ i'm NOT ot23. i'm not a fan of half of the nct boys.
  • sb to unfollow !!!
  • ↝ i have a separate acc for svt tbz loona + others, dm me for the @! i almost only talk abt mark here!
  • ↝ i solo stan members from other groups
  • ↝ if i ever say something that made you uncomfortable, pls dm me, i'll correct it.
  • ↝ i don't have any triggers. i put triggers on the usual but if u want me to put tw on sumn, pls tell me.
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apr 13 2021 +
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ult of ults MARK LEE

  • (ult of ults grp: seventeen ot13/ dino & mingyu)
  • ults
    • the boyz changmin & eric, loona chuu & jinsoul
    • nct dream renjun, jisung, haechan
  • semi-ults
    • fromis 9 saerom, bts hoseok, weeekly monday, ++ taeyong, yangyang, ten.

(also! i support all groups that mark's part of- dream, 127 , superm)

feb 17 2021 ∞
apr 9 2021 +
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  • shinee (taemin), txt (soobin), aespa (karina & ningning), the rose , lucy, seulgi, lisa & rosé, woodz , heize , taeyeon, tiffany


  • haikyuu , film and film making, mint chocolate, analyzing pop culture that doesn't really need to be analyzed, Going Seventeen , plants, Asian cinema, mundane quizzes etc.
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