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love exists but with an absence of eternity. at the first moment of a lovers encounter, there’s an affirmation of love. psychologically, lunacy, emptiness, panic, delusion; that the moment will last forever.. i’m seized by the desire. i hide behind my back… and postpone all answers.

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“let me tell you about myself. i am a mosquito magnet. i have little scars of itchy memories all over my scrawny legs. but i think it means my blood is sacred. i find my laugh unique and one of a kind. my walk, resembling more of a bowlegged wobble, allows me to stand out against the crowd. (my walk isn't that bad, by the way, i was merely exaggerating for stylistic purposes.) what's more, the fact that i am prone to blushing at even the slightest glance my way is kldjaf;ldjfoiad;htija;ji;ajf. i love it. my clumsiness only adds meaning to the moments in which i am fleetingly graceful. yes, my posture is rough around the edges, but it signifies that i have been around the world a few times. at least i don't jut out my pretty decently sized breasts. you're welcome. i find my lack of arguing skills in the moment cute. my mistakes are adorable, and my obvious flaws are endearing. the fact i ...

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