january ▾

    • 01.   caught up on grey's, took the biggest nap of my life, and organized my listography.
    • 02.   looking at new keyboards, visiting ate cyn, and got my new apple watch & black af1s.
    • 03.   i literally feel it in my back that i'm too old to work at a boba shop.
    • 04.   tiktok & coloring at work.
    • 05.   thank you to the man with two first names for covering my oil change since i had to wait 4 hours at toyota.
    • 06.   got my smog check and took an undeserved nap, autotuned mic w/ almario, bgc facetime <3
    • 07.   stayed up til 2am researching cars, onboarding interview, target run w/ almario and celina, hoemiez secret santa, drunk texting a dumb boy, & crying to my roomies.
    • 08.   yacking 100x, pho w/ roomies, laundry day, got my new translucent keycaps!!
    • 09.   running errands before work stresses me out... work stresses me out... arnel dropped off 7leaves.
    • 10.   woke up & felt like shit, pooping at work, hotpot w/ roomies.
    • 11.   lonesome hotpot breakfast, making pad see ew, dayung's potluck.
    • 12.   kona pooped like 10 times today, coffee, & work.
    • 13.   kona threw up all over my room, werk, fortnite & facetime w/ brittany. found an african market/restaurant to try fufu!!
    • 14.   physical, napping after eating, and self-care drive.
    • 15.   time to laze around until things start getting hectic again. true beauty!!! i am in love with cha eunwoo.
    • 16.   walked kona, got my vaccine, visited artie and richie, werk, vlogging my vaccine experience.
    • 17.   kona tore up my savage fenty underwear, visited artie & richie, werk, walked kona.
    • 18.   online orientation, but like all fucking day jesus.
    • 19.   epic training, doing nothing all day.
    • 20.   werk, sleeping in til the next day.
    • 21.   walking kona at 12am, tiktok til 3am, walk kona in the morning, fortnite & overwatch.
    • 22.   picking up my badge, apartment hunting w/ ate, it's it.
    • 23.   raining all day, werk, talking about living in the now.
    • 24.   walking kona after rain, target parking lot, werk, difficult person test.
    • 25.   walking kona, laundry, scrub/grocery shopping, attack on titan catchup, boba w/ celina, calvin, & kyle, sushiiiiii.
    • 26.   walked kona, attack on titan, pre-work nap, wild first day.
    • 27.   12am to 7am, learning a lot, coming home to nap for 2 hours, work again, hanging out with calvin.
    • 28.   12 hour sleep, walked kona, nap, werk, suffer.
    • 29.   continued suffering, car concert, walked kona, didn't sleep enough, werk.
    • 30.   endless suffering, getting lectured by my trainer, having breakdowns in the bathroom, sleep, dayung's right after, true beauty!!!
    • 31.   walked kona, ate breakfast, ranted to mom about my trainer.

february ▾

    • 01.   walked kona, schitt's creek and making curry, werk.
    • 02.   werk, walked kona, slept through my first class of the semester.
    • 03.   werk, slept, werk again.
    • 04.   took a nap, da, taco bell & sunset, aot/the circle.
    • 05.   the circle.
    • 13.   putting myself out there again and failing.
    • 20.   hotel room, soju, and baos.
    • 24.   a birthday spent by myself -- it was ok.
    • 25.   work and recovering from work. making myself look stupid by texting first -- getting ghosted.
    • 26.   carbonara, sunset cliffs, and target run with the roomies.
    • 27.   i can't sleep. i can't keep letting m*n ruin my peace.

march ▾

    • 06.   grocery shopping, failed matcha brownies, & werk.
    • 07.   brunch, werk, da with the finest and tallest filipino man.
    • 08.   laundry, cleaning up the mess in my car lol, werk.
dec 31 2020 ∞
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