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Storm • 21 • Autistic • bi gay demisexual nebularomantic trans demiflux nonbinary guy (nonbinary is static, guy is fluctuating)

If you're a aphobe/exclusionist/make gross jokes about a-spec ppl that you would never make about any other type of queer person then kindly fuck off, same goes if you're a biphobe or truscum/transmed

I have depression, anxiety and possibly ADHD. I also have EDS type hypermobile, tietze, IBS & CFS (last one is undiagnosed but I have exactly the same symptoms as my mum who is diagnosed)

As a dysphoric trans person I will always support non-dysphoric trans ppl (and yes, they are trans.)

Thomas Sanders once told me he loves me too

I saw Gorillaz in concert 02/12/17

Little Simz liked my tweet 03/12/17

I support bi/pan lesbians.

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