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i love making lists, maybe you like reading them too.

  • the forming of RAT-ATT-AGG and the awesome times we've had in such little time
  • playing a bowling alley and dancing/bowling/boozing until the early hours with so many good people
  • meeting lovely ladies on trains (like movie scenes)
  • more wonderful ink on my skin courtesy of demian
  • getting to play leeds festival this year, on the same day as Slayer.
  • making funny noises with my new microkorg
  • sunny days = outside drinking = happy matt flag
  • getting ready to go to Florida in November for Gainesville Fest, maybe even playing it this year.
  • cooking curry for friends
  • loving living in london again, its a rollercoaster but im back on top now.
jun 27 2006 ∞
jun 27 2006 +