Some things just aren't worth the money. You're either just paying for a name, or a concept. These are things I've found (despite being initially sceptical) are 'worth paying for'

  • Build your own house (make your bed then lie in it!)
  • Have kids (they're likely to be the biggest expense of your life, but your greatest joy)
  • Dualit toaster (They look great, and last)
  • Kenwood Mixmaster (They last, and last)
  • Good hi-fi separates (I've had my 'mixed set' for a 'long' time)
  • A relaxing Cruise Holiday (There's lots of companies, but get yourself an outside cabin (we went P&O when you still 'dress for dinner' - fantastic)
  • Helicopter trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon
  • 5 star hotels for special occasions
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