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  • "a place further than the universe"
  • "aria the animation"
  • "flip flappers"
  • "girls' last tour"
  • "haibane renmei" - all time favorite
    • notes: "one of my favorites for its bittersweet themes of forgiveness, grief, emotional purgatory, and, ultimately, 'emotional salvation.' it leaves you with a strangely sated and peaceful feeling, despite the questions to which you aren't privy the answers to. we aren't meant to know, we are meant to interpret, and therein lies the beauty for me."
  • "hakumei and mikochi"
  • "humanity has declined"
  • "kino's journey"
  • "laid back camp"
  • "land of the lustrous"
  • "mushi-shi"
  • "princess tutu"
  • "rozen maiden"
  • "serial experiments lain"
    • notes: "it's an endless study with the meaning of this anime being so purposefully ambiguous, but i enjoy the perceived explored themes of personal identity, what truly is reality, transhumanism, and existentiality."
  • "skip and loafer"
  • "super cub"
  • the entirety of the "pretty cure" franchise
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