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  • "children", bvndit
    • "(i) don't need a compass anymore"
  • "day by day", loossemble
    • "with a dream engraved deeply, i take another step forward"
  • "heavy metal wings", tripleS
    • "sometimes, i want to give up / it's okay to be cowardly"
  • "i just", red velvet
    • "a story that hasn't ended yet, it's been left here all empty"
  • "lionheart (the real me)", billlie
    • "sometimes, i dream i'll overcome anything"
  • "my palace", chuu
    • "be with me, welcome to my fantasy"
  • "trouble? travel!", adora
    • "at the end of this adventure, who will wait for me?"
  • "voyage", kim sejeong
    • "shine on my way, wherever i am, even if i get lost"
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