• my other half, the person who just instantly knows what i’m thinking and what i’m feeling, the person i can truly connect to. the owner of my heart, the person that i share a soul with.


  • my best best best friend since god knows when. always the most supportive, and always the person who never fails to motivate me especially when it comes to doing what i love.


  • the big bro that i have always wanted to have. no one understands me like he does. he's always there to lend a helping hand when i need it.

qira & amelia.

  • two of the people that i consider to be my sisters. it’s wonderful knowing how we haven’t been talking that much these days but when we get to it again, it seems like we haven’t really stopped talking to each other. will protect these two at all costs.

leen, kyo, byeol, elle, margaux, dee.

  • these people are old friends from different rps, and i am so grateful that they’re still here by my side despite the fact that i wanted to get away from this place before. these people are some of the reasons why i always find myself coming back.
feb 1 2020 ∞
feb 9 2020 +