• Guests stand for Groom to walk down aisle before Bride (maids of honour and best men go first)

Why? Puts emphasis on Bride and Groom

  • Smaller ceremony with only immediate family, for a more private approach.

Why? Love is a private matter.

  • No kids. (For reception too)

Why? Keeping it a mature, adult affair allows for a relaxing evening, guests and hosts. This also includes wedding party - no ring bearer or flower girl -- that's just really tacky.

  • 2 Maids of Honour.

Why? Because I shouldn't have to choose.


  • No garter toss.

Why? Why is someone going up your skirt in public, not to mention, in front of your family?

  • No shot glass favours.

Why? Just bad taste. Get something with meaning.


  • No pub crawl. At least with a big crowd. Brunch or luncheon is best.

Why? You're getting married! You're not on the hunt!

  • Bars only with the favs. And at least start somewhere classy. No matching outfits though.
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