• I am known by two names, those are Serene Allura Larson and Geneviève Merveille . Have no qualms to call me by any nicknames you comfortable with, but Serene and Marvie are frequently used by others.
  • I am no longer a minor and kindly refer to myself as she/her , an INTJ-T with a miraculous personalities when you get to know me better.
  • My signs is Libra sun , Gemini moon , Scorpio rising .
  • I would love to talk in both Bahasa and English , hence this account may consists about so many random things , including some real-life and virtual stuff. By all means to do soft-block or mute me if you're unpleasant .
  • I am a bad texter, I reply late so often since kinda busy with my works. But if there is something you want to talk about, please do knock my DM any time .
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  • I’ve been paying close attention to K-pop groups, notably aespa , NCT , and Enhypen . For a fun fact, I am a big fan of Karina and Mark Lee , I’ve followed both of them since they debuted.
  • keshi, LANY, Gentle Bones, Taylor Swift, NIKI, lauv, The 1975 and Dept are all musicians I love listening to! Their songs are on my daily repeat.
  • When I have leisure time I usually spend my time watching lots of movies or series, both Western and Asian (Korean and Thailand). Freely to ask me if you need a recommendation!

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