fennel You’re quiet, sometimes shy, with a tendency to be reserved. You have a humble, kind nature and often find yourself taking care of others. You can be known to hold things in, and you don’t always speak up for yourself. This tendency to hold things in can lead to disturbances.

nettle Truly a nurturing and supportive friend, you’re the kind of person that just isn’t for everyone. But those who take the time are rewarded with your gentle disposition, and the kind of friendship that does a person good no matter the difficulty they’re facing. When out of balance, you can become more prickly than supportive or nurturing, though—a sign that you need to shower yourself with the same kind of nurturing you so freely give to others.

peppermint Unflappable. You are cool in the crisis, calm in the storm, collected amongst the chaos. You’re a breath of fresh air, a...

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  • the last of us
  • read dead redemption 2 (ARTHUR.......)
  • life is strange
  • uncharted: the lost legacy
  • wolfenstein: the new order
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    • assertive intj, 5w4, capricorn☀︎virgo☾
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  • ysl black opium (spring + summer)
  • tom ford velvet orchid (fall)
  • tom ford black orchid (winter)


  • either stilettos or really short nails
  • chanel #18 rouge noir
  • minimalist



  • carol (2015)
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January 3 people are both persuasive and stubborn. Consequently, those who wish to back out of an arrangement with them may find it difficult or near impossible to just walk away. January 3 people are capable of bringing enormous pressure to bear on others to get them to do their bidding. They may use secretive means to subtly tighten the screws, or perhaps humor or even outright seduction, since they know what people like. Yet in business matters they will rarely be accused of taking advantage of others for their private ends, since their sense of fealty to their organization or cause is beyond reproach.

January 3 people do not mind being in the line of fire. They can turn aggressive when challenged, but otherwise avoid confrontations and in general appear polite and well-mannered. Their sophistication is of the charming variety, as it is composed not merely of knowledge and refinement ...

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  • valerie a týden divu (1970)
  • may (2002)
  • mulholland drive (2002)
  • blue is the warmest color (2013)
  • carol (2015)
  • la belle saison (2015)
  • the danish girl (2015)
  • first girl i loved (2016)
  • 아가씨 (2016)
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