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  • The "ping, ping, ping" Air Force Story.
  • His pencil story & his teacher not believing him that he was too poor to buy school supplies.
  • Every time we go to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico, he says "What do you want; they have it all!"
  • "Chiquis is Chiquis"
  • He always makes it a point to say which states in the U.S. were originally from a "Spanish root word".
  • Always starts saying phrases in French.
  • "Remember when we used to go to Jorge's track practice after school? Gah, it was like it was just yesterday. That's how fast life passes you by."
  • Takes the subway bag and blows it with air and then pops it on his head and shows my dog.
  • "If I 'twas the king of RRRrrroooof, of RRRRrrroooof" to my dog.

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