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  • "Gravity" by Kayla & Kupono. this dance is about addiction.. the girl being the addict and the guy being whatever it is she is addicted to.
  • "My Chick Bad" by Lauren and Twitch. Best hip-hop dance I've ever seen!
  • "Misty Blue" by Sasha & Twitch. A dance about a married couple losing the "fire" and trying to get the fire and steam back.
  • "Turn to Stone" by Melanie & Marko. A dance about being statues, and in the middle of the night, they come to life.
  • "I Got You" by Melanie and Marko. This is about a girl and boy who are best friends. His fiance breaks up with him at the alter of their wedding. His best friend comes to support him, and they both realize they are in love.
  • "If it Kills Me" by Jeanine and Jason. This is about just love in general.
  • "The Garden" by Courtney and Marco. About a guy not wanting his girlfriend anymore
  • "Fix You" This dance is about a son who is trying to help his mother who is fighting cancer.
  • "To Love You More" by Caitlynn and Mitchell This is the dance I really want to have with Jesus!!! Sounds corny, but gah it is so beautiful!
  • "Love Song" by Melanie and Tadd. This dance is about a dance instructor falling in love with his student but only doing this in order for her to feel her dancing. Then he kicks her to the curb after.
  • "Hallelujah" by Alex & Allison. This dance is about trying to find some type of peace in your salvation, yourself, or in the world. The bounce of this dance is finding peace.
  • "I will always love you" by Chehon and Whitney. _This dance is about two people who love each other very much but cannot be together because of circumstances/because they know they just aren't supposed to be together anymore but still love each other very much. This song is about saying goodbye.
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