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You loathe me and you love me. You blame me and you forgive me. You pity me, and you think of me nostalgically. Am I wrong?


MIHAN or MURR (17) ☆

  • SE Asian (+8:00)
  • TME genderfluid bi4bi
  • She/He/They/It
    • Alternate frequently
    • All gendered nouns OK
  • Neurodivergent


  • 7w8 8w7 3w2 / 783 sx/sp
  • Chaotic Neutral & Sanguine
  • Astrology:
    • Scorpio sun & Mercury
    • Pisces moon & Mars
    • Sagittarius Venus in 1st

I'm Murr Heart from Mahoyaku. I refer to myself both in first & third person. Shards for meals!

feb 9 2021 ∞
feb 11 2021 +

I'll block you if I don't like you. I use Secateur.

  • I'm less likely to complete the mutual if you're white and/or cis.
  • Pansexuals and inclusionists read this.
  • If you think that fiction can't affect reality and/or you're a proshipper, block me before I do it for you.
  • If you're younger than 15 or older than 21, don't expect a follow back.

Unfollow to break the mutual. Tag unsanitary/tmi (including toilet humor) and ant clusters. Don't use tone indicators with me.

NOTES. I frequently delete my tweets. I'm more active on my private account. I can't interact with tweets on main via likes. If you have a problem with me and it's something I can fix, let me know. Mahoyaku fans read this before interacting.

I don't get into drama purposely, but people often get mad at me for saying things; I don't actively engage with those people though, so you probably won't see it on your timelines. See this video and its comments for an example.

feb 9 2021 ∞
feb 10 2021 +

I am critical of the media I consume! Fiction can affect reality. Bolded are my hyperfixations. Italicized are strong interests.


Philosophy (absurdism, among others), carrds (?), front-end webdev, horror & the occult, otome/joseimuke genre, isekai villainess genre, vtubers, tarot, ARGs, mythology, forensics.


Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku, Persona (1-5), Kagepro, Horimiya, Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, Witch's Heart, Parties Are For Losers, Ensemble Stars, Mob Psycho 100, Death Note, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai.


  • (ENST) Mika Kagehira of Valkyrie | (MHYK) West & North
  • Suzuhara Lulu, Mashiro, RIZnote, Dokuzuhonsya, ChroNoiR, Mayuzumi Kai, Melissa Kinrenka | Miyyuu, Amatsuki, Ado


I help run noelclairebot with Aesri!

feb 9 2021 ∞
mar 27 2021 +