• bathe me, i don't wanna be gross
  • bring savannah, my dog, to cuddle with me
  • don't tell my friends im in a coma unless its been over a month
  • give all my sharpies to melody HAHA jk :P
  • hold my hand, it would make a difference i think
  • if im in a coma for over a year, take me off life support
  • keep an air freshener in my room that's vanilla scented
  • make sure im wearing my favorite pajamas
  • play my favorite music when no one is there
  • talk to me everyday
  • try giving me caffeine, i might just be tired from never sleeping
  • wake me up please :]
dec 8 2010 ∞
apr 7 2011 +
user picture saoirse: This is an interesting list! Well quite sad, but really original. I just discovered your lists and I like them! apr 7 2011
user picture michelledieann: thank you! im a bit addicted to this site as you can probably tell :] lol