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seiko is my UTAU character and you can read more about them on their website:

Quick Reference When It Comes To Terms & Conditions For Seiko:


  • ok to use any concept art provided on the downloads page. please credit me as mikayuuchann.
  • reposts/reprints are forbidden
  • commercial use requires permission from me :)
  • fanart/fanworks are OK! keep it PG-13 (no overt gore or sexual themes)


  • you can use seiko for covers, original songs, etc without asking for permission
  • contact me for any commercial use of the voicebank (if you want to sell an original song with seiko online, for example)
  • dont publicly redistribute the entire voicebank or individual files. exceptions: oto.ini, .frq & prefix map files
  • dont use seiko's voicebank in explicit (sexual, grotesque, violent) material. keep it PG-13
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