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First of all, I've read all the books and I've seen the four movies. So, I know what I'm talking about.

  • Robert Pattinson is one of the worst actors EVER!
  • Kristen Stewart definetely isn't at her best.
  • The story is too damn boring.
    • Too cliché, too predictable, too repetitive.
    • Bella almost dies a hundred times. And Edward always saves her.
    • Edward is too perfect. It seems he has no flaws!
    • Bella has no personality.
    • They fall in love way too quickly and the reasons given why are that he's hot and she smells good.
    • Summarizing, it's too sexist.
    • Poor main conflit. And, honestly, I couldn't find a real climax.
  • All the vampire's rules are broken.
    • Com'on! He SPARKLES!
  • Lack of character development.
    • Including Alice's (I mean, she 's the only interesting character in the entire novel).
  • The word fangs were NEVER used.
    • Isn't it supposed to be about vampires?
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user picture InsainMelody: mouhahahah greatest list ever ! jan 9 2011
user picture Millie: thanks! :)
user picture jen: I agree with you totally. The story is so dull, the characters are drab and the writing itself is abysmal. It also promotes this sort of Mary Sue life for young women and say that without our men we are basically nothing. I read the first three books and they couldn't pull together one good thing between them. jun 29 2011