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  • The simple fact he's my boyfriend.
  • How his smile can make me smile and his laugh can make me laugh.
  • His appearence, specially:
    • His beard.
    • His nose.
    • His legs.
    • His mouth.
  • That funny noise he does when he wakes up.
  • His kiss and the sound of his voice.
  • How he's always concerned about me.
  • The cute way he dances.
  • The way he holds me tight.
  • His crooked smile, that usually appears when I act stupid.
  • His laugh when I talk like a child.
    • and then he ask me to repeat the setence using the same intonation.
  • He's always trying to make my life easier.
  • He supports me, no matter if I'm certainly gonna fail.
  • He remembers our anniversary!
dec 24 2009 ∞
jun 21 2011 +