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Honestly, doing everything in this list you could win any girl's heart ;)

  • Take care of me when I'm sick.
  • Tell me I look beautiful, NOT hot.
  • I'm insecure, so it would be nice if you showed me you love me.
    • Tell me you like/love me when I'm not expecting it.
  • Surprise me when it's possible.
  • NEVER lie to me.
  • If something is bothering you, don't hide. Talk to me and we'll try to solve it.
  • Listen to me when I'm not ok.
  • Say I look pretty even if my hair is a mess (then I could fall in love).
  • Sing to me one of my favourite songs.
  • Make me laugh.
  • Write me love notes.
  • Understand me when I freak (I promise you I'll smile when I calm down).
  • Make me breakfast in bed and wake me with a kiss.
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