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  • favorite websites
  • books we read together as a family
  • essential oils: their uses
  • daily update
  • make it password access only?
  • family photos (historic and otherwise)
  • favorite quotes
  • encouragement from the Bible, hymns, and/or spiritual songs/books
  • musical playlists: 1)spiritual encouragement for young men, 2)relaxation, 3)interesting finds (world music)
  • family history (Ford, Ely, Dunker, Arison, etc) trees and such
  • mail boxes with notes for each boy
  • recipes: wassail, foccacia, spaghetti sauce, mama colleena's salad dressing
  • link to family calendar
  • books read aloud (for Grandkids, etc)
  • songs sung
  • WordPress (Google instructions on how to set up web page) has a lot of WordPress classes/tutorials...could get login from Don's account
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