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  • 1/1: woke up at Yvette’s house and had a fried egg, Aeri ate farina for the first time and liked it, took down the Christmas decorations, played and watched pokémon and had Taco Bell for dinner
  • 1/2: got Aeri from the crib at 7:30 and tried to sleep a little longer, Wendy’s for lunch with Kaydin and then he got picked up, took a nice midday nap with Aeri and then had a deliciously wholesome dinner at Panera because Aeri loves the mac and cheese and Eddie ate both side-breads, worked on my sketch from yesterday and started a new one today :)
  • 1/3: went back to work today with high expectations but of course got barely anything done, spent most of the day problem-solving the art show ordeal, Aeri seemed to have a good day at daycare, we picked up my ring after school and it’s perfect but i’m not sure i’ll wear it at school, made chicken cutlets and air-fried potatoes and carrots for dinner and didn’t get to sketch today— the day just flew
  • 1/4: back to work-work, taught mandalas all day (first day not pumping), came home and did the dishes since Aeri was napping, ate taco bell and laid in bed stuper early.
  • 1/5: had a fairly good day at work, Aeri’s new prek teacher is Ms Lynn and we’re pretty happy about it, got home and played with Aeri for about an hour before meeting up with everyone at Applebees for Audrina’s birthday, then went back to Yvette’s for cupcakes and Aeri had strawberry ice cream for the first time (and absolutely loved it)
  • 1/6: TGIF. Brought home half the art show works to try to mat this wknd, had Arby’s for dinner and watched some FireForce while Aeri used us as his jungle gym.
  • 1/7: slept in a little late with Aeri, it was freezing so i put the heat on, we went grocery shopping and made jambalaya for Dad. it was a nice day, cleaned a bit and played some pokémon.
  • 1/8: went to the track in the morning and Aeri got to ride on the motorbike when we got back to the house, took a trip to Walmart and made chicken cutlets and tots for dinner— baby Aeri loves chicken cutlet
  • 1/9: stayed late at work to mat as much work as possible for tomorrows show, came home to Eddie making mac&cheese, heated up some leftover cutlets and shared dinner with Aeri, played chase with him for awhile before laying down for bed
  • 1/10: so the art expo was tonight during double AR, it wasn’t up to my par. it was too windy, the artwork was blowing everywhere, didn’t have a lot of people show up— it just wasn’t great. i got a bunch of compliments but i don’t think the schools ever had a real art show. Aeri was pretty cranky, it was about 7 by the time we got home so when Eddie got home at 7:30 we went to get Taco Bell and went to bed pretty early
  • 1/11: it was pretty cold out this morning, the students are becoming unruly and i just want to have a nice week of making mandalas. i made pork chops, asparagus, carrots and potatoes for dinner and laid down with Aeri at 7:30 to watch Zach & Miri Make a Porno. Aeri is laying across my chest right now and i hope we sleep all night like this.
  • 1/12: work was alright, nothing eventful. Eddie and I have been counting calories and i’m doing 1200/day. we had cracker barrel for dinner tonight and i got the “new” smoked grilled chicken and carrots and corn— Aeri LOVED my dinner. he slept in his crib last night until about 2am. it’s just been so cold i feel bad making him stay in his crib alone and cold.
  • 1/13: TGIF and a 3-day weekend. Eddie came home with Kaydin and as we were trying to get Aeri in the car seat to go to Taco Bell he walked to me. Kaydin and I witnessed his first 5 or 6 steps. Eddie was in the kitchen. But Aeri walked to him a few moments later and then again in a video I took of him after getting home from TacoBell. while we were eating he kept standing up and walking around in front of the TV. my baby’s first steps!
  • 1/14: Aeri slept a whole bunch today so I was able to get some pokémon playing in and a little bit of cleaning. We went to Vanessa’s house at 6 for her birthday but had to leave early because Aeri puked twice :( Came home and he puked two more times on me— terrible night.
  • 1/15: Slept in with Eddie, got lunch at Chipotle with Kaydin and Aeri, played a bunch of pokémon—Kaydin started playing pokémon which is cool— got pizza from Ceparanos for dinner and fell asleep with Aeri.
  • 1/16: Woke up feeling sick, got Panera for lunch but ended up puking the rest of the day. Aeri also puked at the end of the day so I ended up calling out sick for Tuesday. Woof.
  • 1/17: Stayed home sick with Aeri, got a whole bunch of cleaning done, took down the window decals from Christmas, Aeri had a dr apt and got the flu shot. When we came home we played a little and then I got dinner ready for Eddie.. he finished editing his custom suit.
  • 1/18: Work was alright. Got a redbull from CVS on the way home and baked pork chops and french fries for dinner. Nice, easy night.
  • 1/19: Work wasn’t terrible. I am definitely starting to feel the burn out, though. And it’s only January. Kaydin came over night and we wanted Taco Bell but they had no drink machine so we got McDonalds. it was awful and i couldn’t even get a drink because of calories. bleh.
  • 1/20: So happy it’s Friday. We got Taaaaaco Bell for dinner woot. Nothing crazy to report, just relaxed. Played a bunch of pokémon and went to sleep stuper late.
  • 1/21: Played a little pokémon when I woke up til Aeri woke up. Made us eggs, played and then after his nap went food shopping. Met up with Daniel at the park to catch from shiny larvitars and then went home to cook empanadas rice and beans for dinner. Been sticking to this diet and am down to 167. But tomorrow is chest day.
  • 1/22: Went to the track, too many karts and an obnoxious kart mayor, had Beefs for lunch and then came home to watch Demon Slayer and play with Aeri. he can stack the rings in order if he listens to me and follows. he’s walking a lot more on his own and he’s lifting and shifting his walker which is so impressive to me. we got Sakura tonight and ran into Diamond and Chace.
  • 1/23: Worked til 12:30 and went to court, got out early so I came home to hang with the babes. Yvette was over for a bit and then we had a night full of playing with Aeri and me not eating anything because I ate all my calories for lunch with hibachi leftovers. Made some egg muffins for the first time, hoping Aeri likes them.
  • 1/24: Stopped at Walgreens on the way home from work, got some more pouches for Aeri to eat. Aeri picks up and moves his walker all over the place, it’s so funny to watch. We had a bath and watched Dad work on his rear sets in the garage. Aeri is obsessed with his Dad and just wants to hang out with him all the time.
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