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just an awkward and dumb jojo addict

"gosh, stop touching my burrito"

also i'm not a pokemon trainer, that's the other misty

misty follows:


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art trades

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character trade/sale

  • not yet...

my characters

currently in school, i don't have for commissions and stuff like that atm.

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  • misty
  • female
  • she/her
  • aromantic ace
  • introvert
  • hufflepuff
  • american
  • beginner artist
  • no favorite color

random opinions

  • hot pink is always a no
  • jonathan joestar had so much potentional as a character but they only gave him nine episodes???? wh????
  • honestly, being a student, I strongly dislike when I have to do a google slides presentation with a partner. they almost always have some obsession with black don't over a neon background. no offense to people who do that, though.
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  • writing
  • reading
  • jojo's bizarre adventure
  • sailor moon
  • harry potter
  • hamilton
  • nintendo
  • the greatest showman
  • pokemon?
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  • "be an outcast; be pleased to walk alone. or line the crowded river beds with other impetuous fools." -alice walker
  • "impossible? we did a lot of impossible things on this journey. i'm tired of hearing that things are impossible or useless. those words mean nothing to us." -jotaro kujo, jjba
  • "the loneliest people are the kindest. the saddest people smile the brightest. the most damaged people are the wisest. all because they don't want to see people suffer like they do." -anonymous
  • "a writer is a world trapped in a person." -victor hugo
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