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Mostly it'll be Krisyeol, Taohun, Chenlay and Kyungmyeon in here. But they'll be the occasional other pairings, maybe.

New fics on top marked with a >>N<<

NOTE: Due to events regarding eyk, some, if not all, of the fics here might be locked or deleted. Keep that in mind when clicking.

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Request: Something based on the pic I'm going to send you through twitter. It's Kris and Chanyeol, looking rather... rumpled on the airport ;D

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  • Take Me Over - Yifan is a top actor at the Met Gala, Chanyeol is a waiter in it looking to make ends meet for college. They fuck. public sex >>N<<
  • For The Moon I Howl - Chanyeol is in love with the moon, despite everyone else saying it won't work. >>N<<
  • Satin Red Kiss - Chanyeol decides to wear the pretty red lipstick he bought just for this occasion. >>N<<
  • Fuck Me Up † - 3-part shots. Third and final part coming soon. >>N<<
  • Chrysalis - Chanyeol knew himself inside and out. Too bad his parents were so damn ignorant. gender dysphoria, misgendering
  • Walk, Walk Fashion Baby - Chanyeol wants more from life, so when the opportunity presents itself, he takes it.
  • Presidential Cowboy - President Wu and First Lady Park have a little fun.
  • Lazy Brunch - Chanyeol has a very delicious brunch courtesy of Yifan. Ass to Mouth
  • El Beso del Final (The Last Kiss) - Chanyeol never thought that this day would arrive so soon but arrive it did.
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