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...sometimes life seems to be falling apart. and im staying...

its just like the ocean when the waves hit hard on the rocks. im the rock. the waves pass by, but the rock keeps the same. and it keeps happening. a million times. everyday.

...sometimes life seems to stay still. and im falling apart...

that's when i feel the worse. and everything seems like im not supposed to be here. everyone seems like im not here. this time its just like when we stop to observe a little ant. now im the ant. people are walking around, the ant is so small. insignificant. and people pass by not caring so much. but the ant is there. without a chance to survive. or breath

...sometimes life seems like a concert. a ballet concert...

the theater is full. everybody is waiting the show. the ballerina is nervous. trem...

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  • thieli
  • 19yo | sao paulo, brazil
  • scorpio | istp | hufflepluff
  • music, movies, tv shows and football
  • kind of a happy virus but sad in the inside
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