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  • overtone singing
  • singing in general (well)
  • speaking another language (fran├žais serait bien)
  • bird calls
  • carpentry skills
  • survival skills
  • social skills
  • speaking to children like they're adults
  • a voice that's a combination of that of Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman, Matthew Macfadyen, and Eddie Redmayne
  • quick wit
  • sarcasm verging on cynical or caustic
  • left-handedness
  • distinctly impressive penmanship despite the aforementioned handicap
  • a vast collection of old films
  • an intimidating stare
  • a library full of musty books
  • dominating analytical discussions
  • full use of the right lobe of the brain
  • worldliness
  • quoting Shakespeare or Thoreau
  • waltzing
  • being a combination of several Austen men
  • smelling like sandalwood or patchouli or something equally musky
  • wearing sweater vests and looking good in them
  • patting one's head while rubbing one's stomach
  • juggling
  • riding a unicycle (while juggling)
  • knowing how to tie a cravat (bow-tie is acceptable but less impressive)
  • mastery over wild beasts (or just a dog)
  • long overcoats
  • erect posture
  • a large...vocabulary

He's out there somewhere. I know it.

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