• “happiness is not something that you have to achieve. you can still be happy during the process of achieving something. so if you change your perspective a little bit, i know many people are going through tough times right now, but this moment could be the most beautiful moment of our lives.”
  • “a teacher told me that in your twenties if you have so many thoughts, that’s like branches in a tree. if my brain is a tree, there are so many branches: there’s sadness, there’s desperation, devastation, there’s happiness, hope, everything. but when you get old, it gets cut and when it gets some shape of a tree, we have to feel pain and we have to experience many things. […] if you’ve got so many branches in your twenties, and you feel sad and sometimes get lost, some day, you will finally be a really beautiful tree in your thirties and forties. […] sometimes, i meet good and cool old people, they’ve got the attitude like they’ve experienced so many things, so maybe we can one day have that.”
  • “loving myself is my whole life goal until my death. and what is loving myself? what is loving yourself? i don’t know. who can define their own method and the way of loving myself? it’s our mission to define our way to love ourselves. it’s never intended, but it feels like i’m using you guys to love myself, so i want to say one thing: please, please use me, please use bts to love yourself because you guys taught me how to love myself everyday.”
  • “you say you wanna die but live it much harder. you say you wanna let go but put on another weight. thinking of not thinking at all is still thinking. you know actually this is our destiny, you know. smiling in endless pain, you know. there is no freedom when you say freedom out loud, you know.”
  • “we are eachother’s night scene, we are eachother’s moon"
  • "i have come to love myself for who i am, for who i was and for who i hope to become."
  • “music transcends language, country, race... like the rainbow, i don’t care if you’re red, blue or orange, we love you.”
  • "i want to give myself a mission of accepting myself for who i am."
  • "everyone suffers in their life. there are many sad days. but rather than sad days, we hope to have better days. that's what makes us live. that's what makes us dream."
  • "i decided upon the thought that i can only find myself once i can admit to myself and approve that both sides are sides of myself."
  • "life is a sculpture that you cast as you make mistakes and learn from them."
  • "love could be between a person and a person, or it could be between me and myself."
  • "i think that there's no need to live your life based on standards of others."
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