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i made this to remember things. please take my opinions with a grain of salt as my memory is crap

  • fire punch (9/10)

the psychological stuff and the plot <3 and the characters <3

  • mob 100 parts after season 2 (9/10)

love it

  • omoide emanon (8.5/10)

a wonderful read

  • chainsaw man (8.5/10)


  • uzumaki (8.5/10)

LOVE IT. love the hopelessness and the entire premise itself

  • monthly girls’ nozaki-kun parts after the anime (8/10)

please stop playing with my heart also it’s so funny

  • junji itou oneshots (8/10)

i can’t list all of the ones i read but my favorite is probably the enigma of amigara fault

  • tomie (7.5/10)

story was alright. ending was alright

  • mha smash (7.5/10)

i loled

  • witch hat atelier (7.5/10)

love it. so pretty

  • haikyuu-bu (7/10)

yesss more content

  • kaguya-sama (6.5/10)

i can’t rate this well because it’s wonderful and fun until after a certain part. then it goes so far downhill. it lost itself

  • memories of emanon (6/10)

didn’t get as much out of this one

  • let’s haikyuu (6/10)


  • misu misou (3/10)

devolved into a ton of gore and that’s it i thought the beginning was alright but it definitely wasn’t worth reading

  • my hero academia

i can’t rate this yet lol i still love it though

  • can't stop cursing you

i'll rate it later also i only read volume 1

  • kara no kioku
  • oyasumi punpun
aug 26 2021 ∞
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