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i made this to remember things. please take my opinions with a grain of salt as my memory is crap

  • eva (10/10)

my love for this has no bounds so i can’t just be brief about it

  • end of eva (10/10)

great ending and definitely increased my liking for the entire original series

  • mob 100 (9/10)

so good so good that’s it i love it

  • saiki k (9/10)

i have rewatched this so many times

  • link click (9/10)

chef’s kiss

  • iriya no sora, UFO no natsu (8.5/10)

I LOVE THIS TO DEATH. iriya is one of my favorite characters in general, the romance and story are wonderful. but some choices in the writing were odd & asaba is so plain

  • all of tanakeda (8.5/10)

makes me sleepy but in a good way. so calming

  • kaguya-sama (8.5/10)

so very fun and good

  • monthly girls’ nozaki-kun (8/10)

i would die for these characters

  • eva 3.0 + 1.0 (8/10)

super duper good, the characters went in good directions, ending was ... ok

  • demon slayer + movie (8/10)

fun! pretty! wish there was more to tanjirou

  • haikyuu (up to 3) (7.5/10)

characters are lovable and the gameplay is great it’s great

  • daily lives of high school boys (7.5/10)

fun!!!!! funny!!!! so damn ridiculous it’s amazing. needs more tadakuni

  • words bubble up like soda pop (7.5/10)

beautiful art & was cute, it’s what u would expect. i may have cried like a little bitch

  • no. 6 (7/10)

good story & characters & relationships <3

  • FLCL (7/10)

the animation and the spunk *heart eyes* the story was alright

  • wonder egg priority (7/10)

ending was not good but overall a great experience

  • jujutsu kaisen (7/10)

cool and fun but overrated

  • eva 3.0 (6.5/10)

better also hi kaworu

  • sk8 (6.5/10)

was fine also it genuinely probably would’ve been better if they made it a romance too

  • hypnosis mic (6/10)

it was funny to see people treat microphones like lethal weapons also i love ramuda so much. came for ramuda stayed for ramuda

  • kiznaiver (6/10)

it is ok

  • eva 2.0 (5.5/10)

mari why r u here

  • toradora (5.5/10)

nothing special to me & the ending was unnecessary. probably better for people who haven’t watched much anime

  • aggretsuko (5/10)

i watched it. season 3 was not good and there’s not as much death metal anymore

  • cat soup (4.5/10)

i didn’t get anything out of this. it was just weird and that was kinda it

  • mha (up to mid-season 5 + movies)

i feel like can’t rate this yet but i love it

  • all of danganronpa

watch something else /hj actual advice though, instead of watching dr the animation watch a playthrough of DR1

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