• in the territory of the dragon king baekhyun/kyungsoo, guest house!au
    • there are so many ghosts on this island. maybe that's why do kyungsoo has come: so his personal ghosts can get lost among them.
  • sehunsucht baekhyun/kyungsoo, corporate!au
    • it’s probably the worst kept secret at EXO Corporation that kyungsoo absolutely detests baekhyun. what no one knows is that whilst they hate each other’s guts, neither of them can deny that the other is a worthy investment. like they always say: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
  • Metaphorical Milk Carton joonmyun/yifan, convenience store!au
    • Junmyeon would have a much easier time running his parent’s store if the bizarre...
jul 17 2016 ∞
oct 3 2016 +
  • allegro nc-17, 18k, multiple personalities
    • there's Kai, and then there's Jongin, and as reality slips through Jongin's fingers like sand as he dances under a single spotlight.
  • bedroom wall nc-17, 7.5k
    • Back here, within the walls that have seen more than anyone will ever know, they're free to be with each other.
  • blue ink r, 4.7k, mentions of self harm and suicide attempts
    • "I've been feeling good lately," Sehun says. It's not much, but it's enough.
  • but i'm young and pretty and that's all ... 2.9k, au
    • in which Jongin vlogs, Sehun is good-looking, and they meet at a party (ft. the rest of exo)
jul 15 2014 ∞
jul 6 2016 +

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nov 25 2015 ∞
jun 19 2016 +
  • (i want to make you move because you're ... nc-17, 5.5k, age difference, d/s themes
    • there lies a thin line between physical affection and affection. often, the line blurs.
  • the rest is rust and stardust explicit, 16k, age gap, voyeurism
    • sehun has always been hesitant to unpack.
apr 24 2015 ∞
jul 6 2016 +