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  • visit south korea again, solo this time
  • see exoplanet 5 in manila
  • see exoplanet 5 in a different country
  • learn korean/mandarin
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mar 12 2019 +

favourite fics that i've read. the fandom has so many talented writers and artists. thank you for sharing your talent with us~

every thing is nc-17/explicit unless it has this symbol: ✿

Masks (sulay)

  • a different take on stripper!au. please do give this a shot, it’s my all time favourite exo fic

and the rest is rust and stardust (seho)

  • sehun has always been hesitant to unpack. -- perfect summary. you'll understand after reading the fic

Baby, There Is No Line AFF | AO3 (kaisoo)

  • non-au, mentions of kaistal

Sky and Sea, All the World is Blue (sebaek)

  • this is what happens when baekhyun, a mar...
sep 6 2018 ∞
mar 16 2019 +