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Music junkie, summer junkie, garden junkie, knitting junkie, spinning yarn junkie, general crafting junkie, retro amusement park junkie, internet junkie, camping junkie, hiking junkie, wannabe biking junkie, travel junkie, poetry junkie, mid-century modern junkie, I'm sure there is more I am missing. :-)

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STUFF (Things I cannot get enough of.)
hobbies (Things I've Made.... 2010.)
Bucket (list)


  • Put tax refund in savings
  • Once loans paid off against retirement, put minimum $75 in savings a month (I should be able to put away $150 if not a lot more)(loans will be done by September 15th)
  • Spend less


  • Remember to take meds every day, especially thyroid
  • Get off cholesterol and blood pressure meds
  • Workout a minimum 3 times a week, preferably 5 times
  • Run a 5k all the way through
  • Work more on swimming
  • Stop making excuses
  • Lose weight, but I want to focus on eating healthy and exercise, the numbers should follow
  • Work on being less stressed and more positive
  • Become more flexible (physically)
  • Work on becoming stronger overall, but especially improve upper body strength
  • Work on having more energy
  • Do monkey bars
  • If I can find a pair of old fashion roller skates (not inlines) that fit and don’t break the bank, learn to roller skate
  • Take swim lessons to get better at it
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • Fit into that cute dress I bought


  • Finish all knitting/crochet projects
  • Don’t do anymore knitting/crochet projects for other people (sorry, no time anymore)
  • Only knit/crochet/spin/craft when I want, when I have time, only to relax and enjoy the craft
  • Make a video once a week/month (schedule doen’t always allow being super strict)
  • Learn video editing
  • Learn to sew
  • Make packaging for newest Christmas CD
  • Learn to juggle
  • Make paper mache antlers


  • Cook live lobster
  • Enter a cooking contest
  • Explore paleo and low GI eating and recipes, see what feels right
  • Really explore healthy recipes/cookbooks
  • Still want a Jamie Oliver cookbook
  • Plan meals
  • Learn Thai/southeast asian cooking
  • Get together with John and cook using the tagine he gave me
  • Get some tagine cook books
  • Take cooking classes
  • Shop the farmers market every week during the summer
  • Plan one veggie centered meal a week


  • Learn a new instrument, at least the fondations
  • Perhaps the mandolin or the violin if I could get my hands on a cheap one (violin, already have a mandolin)
  • Write some experimental music


  • Study stars in the sky
  • Go to every UWM planetarium show
  • Go to the IMAX Planetarium stuff more often
  • Learn more about trees
  • Take an art class


  • Keep this category at a minimum
  • Season 2 DVD set of Carnivale (since I didn’t get it in 2011)


  • Go to more music programs at UW-Milwaukee
  • Ride a Ferris Wheel (because I love them)
  • Go on the Dennis Sullivan again (budget permitting, financial goals take priority)
  • Go to zoo by myself one time
  • Visit Sparrow Collective Gallery(can’t believe I haven’t done this).
  • Go visit someplace outside of Milwaukee that isn’t Chicago or Madison (or camping trip)


  • Write an article that gets published other than my workplace newsletter
  • Enter a National Geogrphic contest
  • Write a handwritten letter
  • Hang up all my art work
  • Make use of my Netflix membership
  • Do something a little scary - Snow tubing on January 1st-done
  • Send surprise packages to friends
  • Plant a ton of tomatoes in my garden plot and maybe some other things around the edge of the garden.
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