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Music junkie, summer junkie, garden junkie, knitting junkie, spinning yarn junkie, general crafting junkie, retro amusement park junkie, internet junkie, camping junkie, hiking junkie, wannabe biking junkie, travel junkie, poetry junkie, mid-century modern junkie, I'm sure there is more I am missing. :-)

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STUFF (Things I cannot get enough of.)
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Bucket (list)
  • T:=Tomato, P:=Pepper EF: Edible Flower
  • T: Yellow Pear
  • T: Brandywine
  • T: Aunt Ginny's Purple
  • T: Aussie
  • T: Caspian Pink
  • T: Florida Pink
  • T: Bellstar
  • T: Florida Basket
  • T: Grape Tomato
  • T: Sweet Pea Currant
  • T: Yellow Stuffer
  • P: Chinese Giant
  • P: Corno di toro Red
  • P: Orange Sun
  • P: Purple Beauty
  • P: Sweet Cayenne
  • Long Zi beans (super delicious)
  • Onion sets
  • Onion-Evergreen bunching
  • Carrot Purple Dragon
  • Carrot Danvers Half Long
  • Arugula
  • mesclun mix seeds (salad mix)
  • Curly endive or frisee
  • Potatoe - all blue
  • Cucumber spacemaster
  • EF: Nasturtiums
  • EF: Pansy
  • EF: Marigold
  • Spicy Globe Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Whatever other herb strikes my fancy
  • kale
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jan 7 2012 +
user picture rose: Oh man, too bad I couldn't get in on some of those tomatoes! I wish I had more room to grow stuff. I've never eaten pansies or marigolds; how do they taste? feb 28 2010
user picture myklia: Here is a list of edible flowers and how to prepare them and taste description. You have to scroll down quite a bit to find those three. I have not tried flowers in salads yet, just heard of it. I have heard you shouldn't just use any store bought ones, or someone's garden, etc as they might have pesticides and chemicals that you don't want in your body. I grow organically, so if I grow them, I know they will be safe for eating. Wish I could share the tomatoes with you. Hopefully you have some good farmers markets.