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Music junkie, summer junkie, garden junkie, knitting junkie, spinning yarn junkie, general crafting junkie, retro amusement park junkie, internet junkie, camping junkie, hiking junkie, wannabe biking junkie, travel junkie, poetry junkie, mid-century modern junkie, I'm sure there is more I am missing. :-)

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hobbies (Things I've Made.... 2010.)
Bucket (list)
  • Lawn bowl at Lake Park
  • Close Wolski's
  • Take the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year's Day
  • Tour Miller Brewery
  • Ride a Harley through the streets of Milwaukee
  • Run Al's Run
  • Tailgate at the Brewers home opener
  • Bet on the racing sausages
  • Spot the Milverine
  • Order from the "Brat Guy" on Water and Wisconsin
  • Storm the Bastille (run or walk)
  • Drive past the witch's house on the north shore
  • Play bingo at Potawatomi
  • Stand in the old County Stadium chalet at the Lakefront Brewery
  • Polka at Polish Fest
  • Tour the Sprecher Brewery
  • Wish you had worn your lederhosen at German Fest (or not)
  • Listen to New York New York at Festa Italiana
  • Late night snack from the Pepperoni Cannoli guy (R.I.P. Frank)
  • Step back in time with an old-school cocktail at *Bryant's Cocktail Lounge
  • Rub Gertie the Duck for luck
  • Ice skate at the Petit National Ice Center
  • Tour the Harley-Davidson Museum
  • Party and exercise on Milwaukee's Pedal Tavern
  • Sit in the Uecker seats
  • Take the tour at Great Lakes Distillery
  • Mini-bowl at Koz's Mini Bowl
  • Pound nails in the stump at the Old German Beer Hall
  • Pretend you're oceanside at Barnacle Buds
  • Play Atari at Koppa's Grocery
  • Ride the giant slide at State Fair
  • Visit the Basilica of St. Josaphat
  • Visit the Lynden Sculpture Garden
  • Use a snowblower and lawnmower in the same week
  • Attend a Milwaukee Wave game
  • Behold the magnificence of St. Sava's mosaics
  • Visit the Grohmann Museum at MSOE
  • Try a malt at Ted's
  • See the Pieta at the Italian Community Center (one of 2 casts of the original Michaelangelo statue that exists)
  • Attend an opening at the Haggerty
  • Hike the trails in Warnimont Park
  • Move the sculptures at Discovery World
  • Walk Hank Aaron State Trail
  • Visit Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
  • Fly into Timmerman
  • Visit your ancestors at Forest Home Cemetery
  • Call someone a FIB from Illinois (or at least think it)
  • Take in the sounds of a mariachi band at Mexican Fiesta

Go to Florida in the winter

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