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Music junkie, summer junkie, garden junkie, knitting junkie, spinning yarn junkie, general crafting junkie, retro amusement park junkie, internet junkie, camping junkie, hiking junkie, wannabe biking junkie, travel junkie, poetry junkie, mid-century modern junkie, I'm sure there is more I am missing. :-)

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STUFF (Things I cannot get enough of.)
hobbies (Things I've Made.... 2010.)
Bucket (list)
  • Go on every Ferris Wheel possible.
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Fall in love with someone for life
  • Take every Amtrak route and Canadian Rail route
  • Go travel all over Europe
  • Go to Japan
  • Go to every Wisconsin State Park
  • Get healthy
  • Make all kinds of delicious food
  • Be completely eco friendly
  • Go to, if not live in, NYC
  • Or live in Chicago
  • Road trip trip all over the place.
  • Do the Squam retreat
  • Visit all over Europe
  • Become financially stable
  • Buy a house, maybe
mar 4 2010 ∞
jan 7 2012 +
user picture rose: OMG I wonder how many ferris wheels there are! LOL creepy carnies. You've been to NYC, right?! :O mar 4 2010
user picture myklia: No, I haven't, but see goals for 2011. I'll check out New York while enjoying Coney Island. mar 5 2010
user picture elociNNicole: You have no idea how many of these would give me a panic attack...
user picture myklia: I can understand the Ferris Wheels, do you not like to travel?