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  • she/her, minor
  • i dont like to put label but i like it both ways(iykyk)
  • my first anime is kamisama karin
  • i hate it when people leave the door open idk
  • chocolate's not as good as yall seem to make it to be
  • haikyuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i believe in hinata shouyou supremacy
  • my ships basically consist of hinata and all of his boyfriends and ushiten but thats it
  • my fav youtuber: bestdressed, james charles
  • things i dislike: men</3
  • why are men so disappointing
  • anyway
  • im in love with everyone except real existing human (@ 2d characters)
  • idk what else might add more later bye
sep 11 2020 ∞
nov 22 2020 +