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things vmin had said about each other (that lolilly would definitely say about each other)

  • jimin: what i want to say to v is... anything can be solved no matter what problem it is. don't think too much. just do the best you can and everything will be well.
  • "let's keep going for a long time, i only have you."
  • taehyung: the moment i was the happiest with jimminie was when we saw each other for the first time in 2nd grade and how we were able to keep being with each other without being hurt.
  • "love you, pretty."
  • jimin: taehyung-ah, others might not know but i'm always supporting you and no matter what i say, i really treasure you. fighting.
  • "you're really strange, that's why i like you"
  • jimin: you're more than a close friend. you're my savior! so you're very precious (to me) and i want to be with you even when we become grandfathers.
  • "something i wish is just...for him to be happy always"
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