• dropped a pot of molten sugar into the mixer, splashing it onto my face and arms. Second degree burns, yay!
  • walked into a plate glass door
  • spilled hot tea on myself, leaving a meandering 2nd degree burn all over my wrist and hand (healing nicely now)
  • picked at a hangnail on my thumb and wound up peeling half the skin off the whole finger.
  • slipped on the BART grates in the rain (damn chuck taylors) while rushing to the gym and landed flat on my back. (luckily, my ass absorbed the brunt of the fall)
  • fooled around with hot beeswax (for a baking project) and accidently sprayed it all over the kitchen
  • walked into a parking meter when I tried to be all slick and avoid the metermaid while jaywalking
  • after too many mojitos at a pool party, I attempted to open a sliding glass door only to discover... it was already open! (not quite recent, but worth a mention)
  • split the seams on my Miu Miu pencil skirt while pretending to roundhouse kick my coworker
  • left a cup of cocoa on the ledge near my desk, then tipped it over while gesturing to illustrate a point, leaving a 2 foot long by 4 inch wide swath of choco-dairy goodness down my pant leg.
  • went into the shower with my glasses still on
apr 28 2006 ∞
jun 5 2006 +
user picture Bella: I had to do 11 all the time when I wore glasses. Blind woman all the way without them! Thank the lord for contacts! Ah, I have a story for you. My buddy has a hookah @ home and night was havin buddies over while his dad was away for a couple of days. He ended up tipping the whole thing over, the coal fell and gave second degree burns to his rug! He had to put a table over it so his dad wouldn't see. haha jul 9 2006